Mike Lennon


Mike Lennon is a musician living and working in Phoenix Arizona. Mike was born in Brooklyn New York on July 15 1961 and grew up in Floral Park N.Y., a town on the Queens-Nassau border close to Belmont Park. He began playing guitar in his teens and his first band was The Outsiders. In 1984 Mike started playing in Greenwich Village as a solo at Mill's Tavern, The Back Fence and the Bitter End. Some of the musicians he played with were Marc West. Kenny Gwyn. Doc Miller, Benny Landa, Jon Rhodes, Shane Granger and John Cisco. He also had the opportunity of playing and hanging with Jaco Pastorius, Paul Butterfield and Gene Clark. In 1987 Mike formed The Bumpkyns with Benny Landa lead Guitar, John Cisco Bass and Dug Rock Drums. They played The Bitter End and O'lunneys Country Music City in Manhattan and recorded an album of originals and C&W standards in Sept.87. In 1988 Mike formed a new band The Psychobillies from Planet Doc with Marc West bass, Doc Miller ld. guitar and Vince Hancock on drums. The Psychobillies played the Red Lion and Kenny's Castawawys in the West Village, Spiral and St.Marks bar in the East Village. In 1990 Marc and Doc left and were replaced by Gene Tambor gtr, banjo and Danny Rybar bass played the N.Y.- New Jersey-Long Island C&W circuit before disbanding in Jan.1992. At the same time Mike formed The Mokus Family a bluegrass band with Dave Hamburger dobro, Jimmy Harper Harmonica and Joan Harrison banjo. Mike was also a member of the Minetta Creek Bluegrass band before moving to Ajo Arizona, a small town near the Mexican border in June 1992. In 1995 Mike moved to Phoenix and landed a steady gig at the Rusty Spur Saloon in Feb.1996. In 1998 he formed the Psycbobilly Rodeo Band with Jimmy Hornick and Gabe Dixon and they have been the houseband at the Spur ever since.The current lineup is Jimmy Hornick rhythm guitar, vocals, Mike bass, vocals, Tony Ogulein drums, vocals and Ronnie Derosett ld. Guitar, vocals. You can find him playing solo Wednesday and Sunday nights and the Psychobilly Rodeo Band plays Thursday thru Saturday at the Rusty Spur Saloon in Old Town Scottsdale. Come on down and say Hi!

Mike Lennon