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The Suicide Kings

The Suicide Kings


Mary Hollan


Mary Hollan, vocalist/pianist, has performed across America sharing her music in a variety of settings. A talented recording artist, Mary performs contempory and traditional gospel along with original songs and children's music.

Mary has toured from Los Angeles to New York entertaining in retirement communities, nightclubs, corporate events and resorts. A talented recording artist, Mary has performed as opening act for well-known, Chubby Checker, Mary Wilson of the Supremes, the Coasters and the Drifters.

Borders Proudly Presents

Chuck Garrison

Singing his new release


Lyrics by: Joyce Kerner

Vocals by: Chuck Garrison

Chorus:Stand up for the red white and blue

Stand up for the soldier who gave his life for you!

For that soldier in the sand,

Fighting in a foreign land

We give thanks for everything they do!




Holland Cortright

Pianist Holland Cortright composes soon to be released Life's Like That, a thoughtful, inventive and dynamic recording about the ups and downs of life.


This contemporary celebration of Christmas blends the timeless melodies of the holidays with the soulful piano styles of Matt Bachrach and his Band.

FINALLY! It's Here

I choose to refer to my music as having an urban R & B sound with a touch of reggae. While listening to the clips you will be able to hear the variation in my music from upbeat dance music to "sit by the pool with a drink" kind of music! I wrote all my songs with personal meaning, as they reflect all the days of my life.

The Original VA Slim Listen

Parental Advisory

This is a creation. I started off with written lyrics, and in the middle of the first verse, I decided to go freestyle. Frase had to stop me, and start me in between verses.

Preroll............ droll

droll - Improvisation

Lo Fi
Hi Fi

Parental Advisory

Nestled in the suburbs of Phoenix Arizona, the group droll scours our everyday existence to conjure melodic and rhythmic concoctions and mixing them into an unlimited range of genres and musical styles.

It is the very accidents the mistakes, what many would consider trash that is such a valuable asset to droll itself. Utilizing the unwanted elements and exploiting them in tangent with pop gives droll the luxury of having a fresh yet recognizable sound that has layers of elements to be discovered.

The thought and purpose of droll was put into implementation in 1996 and is continually growing and proving the initial theories and challenges droll has set out for itself.

Matt Bachrach


Share an intimate moment with the music of Matt Bachrach as the heart and emotion of life unfold through the inspiration and touch of a solo grand piano.


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